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Four Stories Rolled Into One
Think China and India, Not China or India
Megamarkets and Microcustomers
Leveraging China and India for Global Advantage
Competing with Dragons and Tigers on the Global Stage
The War for Talent: Dealing with Scarcity in the Midst of Plenty
Global Enterprise 2020




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Book : Endorsements & Reviews

"Getting China and India Right is the only book to integrate the authors' insider perspective regarding both China and India with cutting edge ideas on global strategy. Backed up by solid research, it is compelling and provocative. I agree entirely with Anil and Haiyan's central thesis that any Fortune 1000 company that does not develop a robust strategy for China and India risks not surviving as an independent entity by 2020.This book should serve as required reading for any CEO or senior executive who wants to see his or her company emerge or remain as one of the global leaders in its industry over the next ten years."

-   Ronnie C. Chan

Hang Lung Group and Vice-Chairman,
Asia Society

"Globalisation has moved beyond trade, manufacturing and R&D to a full globalisation of the corporate brain, driven and enabled by new technologies that allow companies to operate and think globally. As the corporate brain goes global, the challenges become more complex and the opportunities more significant. This well-researched book crisply outlines the role of China and India in this new phase of globalisation. It is an insightful guide to how companies can survive and succeed in the new era."

-  Wim Elfrink,

Executive Vice-President,
Cisco Services and Chief Globalization Officer,
Cisco Systems

"Our own experience in the lodging industry makes it very clear that it is now impossible for any company to remain a global leader in its industry without a deep and sustained commitment to the world’s two fastest growing economies – China and India. Timely, comprehensive, insightful, and richly documented, Getting China and India Right is a superb guide to understand the multi-faceted opportunities and challenges that these two economies present and how companies must rise up to them. Our senior leaders have benefited immensely from discussions with the authors. This book is essential reading for any CEO and his or her colleagues who are keen to engage with China and India on a sustained long-term basis."

-   Edwin D. Fuller

 President and Managing Director,
Marriott Lodging-International

"At a time when China and India present enormous opportunities and equally considerable risks, no global CEO, nor any of his or her senior colleagues, can afford not to read this timely and insightful book. What makes this book particularly compelling and valuable is that it not only leverages the authors' insider perspective on China and India but also brings cutting edge ideas on global strategy to examine how the China-India phenomenon must reshape corporate strategies in general."

Jeffrey E. Garten

Juan Trippe Professor of International Trade, Finance and Business

Yale School of Management

Former Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade

"Getting China and India Right has a clear message to CEOs and senior executives of global companies. It is simply not enough to be just present in China or India. Anil and Haiyan convincingly point out that the global players of the future must have a robust China and India strategy that goes well beyond the traditional outsourcing and low cost manufacturing model. Their arguments will inspire every global CEO to re-examine their current approach to the dynamic market opportunities and challenges in China and India. An outstanding book, highly readable, full of facts and analysis, and inspirational."

- William V. Hickey,
CEO, Sealed Air Corporation

"Getting China and India Right offers an insightful view of two growth engines for the future. Rich with strategic advice as well as concrete examples, it is a must reading for CEOs of companies looking for global growth."

- Edgar Hotard

 Chairman, Monitor Group China

"The new global shape of the beer industry vividly reinforces the core premise of Anil and Haiyan's highly readable book - it is almost impossible for any company to remain a global leader in its industry without treating big emerging markets such as China, India, and Latin America as core to its strategic agenda. Getting China and India Right is the best source of insight available for executives who want not only to understand the multi-faceted opportunities and challenges that these two giants present but also to figure out what these developments mean for the company's global strategy. The authors of this book are among the world's masters on the subject of global strategy in the new age of China and India. We have benefited from their insights. If you were to read only one book on this subject this year, this should be it. A real tour de force."

 - Graham Mackay
CEO, SABMiller plc

"My global experience in the consulting and technology services industry resonates strongly with the central thesis of Getting China and India Right.  As the multi-polar world continues to evolve, China and India will emerge as major economic hubs. The high-performing companies of tomorrow must pursue a deep and long-term engagement with these two societies on all fronts: the rapidly growing market opportunities, the potential for cost efficiency, the large and highly scalable talent pool, and some extremely capable and ambitious competitors.  Anil and Haiyan are truly global individuals who also benefit from a deeply rooted understanding of India and China.  They have written an insightful, compelling, forward-looking, and practical book.  Their expertise in global strategy, coupled with their deep scholarship, makes this one of the most important books on how the rise of India and China must reshape corporate strategies."

-   Harsh Manglik,

Chairman, Accenture India

"Getting China and India Right is an incisive and well researched book about the growing dominance of India and China in the global economy and its implications for corporate strategy. The authors' in-depth analysis is richly supported by substantiating facts, figures and examples."

 -   Narayana N.R. Murthy

    Chairman and Chief  Mentor, Infosys Technologies Limited


"As the global economy becomes increasingly interdependent, industry leaders need to understand and embrace the trends that are driving and affecting their business today.  Getting China and India Right is the best book by far to analyze how the rise of China and India will fundamentally reshape corporate strategies. It is thoroughly researched, insightful, and compelling. As someone who plans strategy all day, I see it as a must-read for any Fortune 1000 CEO."

Mark J. Penn,

CEO, Burson Marsteller, author of Microtrends,

and key advisor to Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Bill Gates

"This book draws out the strengths of the economies of China and India and offers a blueprint to companies on how to draw up strategies to best approach the two economies for the long term."

- Ratan N. Tata

 Chairman, Tata Group

"Anil and Haiyan correctly observe that the mere fact that a large number of multinationals are present in India and China does not necessarily imply that they understand these economies well or that they have robust strategies to capture the market and resource opportunities there. In Getting China and India Right, the authors forcefully make the point that cracking these twin markets and leveraging the talent and innovation opportunities that they offer is critical to the survival of every company. Importantly, they build on this point to develop a strategic roadmap for action. The practical advice they offer, with illuminating anecdotes and evidence, makes this a compelling read."

 - Ravi Venkatesan

                                    Chairman, Microsoft Indiaft India

"This book is very timely. It not only highlights the importance of China and India as two of the most potent emerging economies, but also illuminates the growing dynamics between these two future powers in the changing global economy. While it is extremely well researched, it is also highly readable and very practical in putting forward guidelines for corporate action."

- Kyung H. Yoon

Vice-Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles


"The world economic landscape is undergoing a fundamental transformation. This book provides very helpful insights about the role of China and India in driving this transformation and what these developments mean for global strategy. Getting China and India Right is must reading for any multinational firm CEO who wants to see his or her firm succeed in the coming years."

-   Ming Zeng,

Executive Vice President-Strategy, Alibaba Group,
and author of Dragons at Your Door


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