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Four Stories Rolled Into One
Think China and India, Not China or India
Megamarkets and Microcustomers
Leveraging China and India for Global Advantage
Competing with Dragons and Tigers on the Global Stage
The War for Talent: Dealing with Scarcity in the Midst of Plenty
Global Enterprise 2020


Speaking Request



“Hello Haiyan, Thank you for your outstanding presentation in Helsinki last September. Your performance was highly rated and warmly welcomed by the delegates.

Our client magazine VIEW and its final issue of 2011 came finally out late last year. BRIC-markets is the key theme of this magazine and our BRIC-seminar is one of the key topics (including your photo in the front page).“

-        Kimmo, KPMG, 4 January, 2012, Helsinki

“Dear Anil, your speech was clearly the talk of the CSLE for the entire next day. You accomplished precisely what we had hoped for: to shift the perception of our members with regards to their strategies for BRIC regions. You also advanced pragmatic wisdom for our crowd, particularly with what I considered the quote of the speech: Cut the chains and you become free, cut the roots and you die. I believe those words will be carried by our audience in perpetuity.

Again, we thank you so much for your fantastic contribution, for delivering a perfect presentation, for educating everyone of the realities of China and India emergence, and for making our CSLE event more special. “

-        Conference Chair, Thought Leadership Institute June 18, 2009, Philadelphia

“Anil, your keynote to the (the senior executive group) was terrific! You absolutely captured people's attention as they realized how different the international marketplace will continue to look in the future. We spent Friday morning talking about the implications of your information in a session facilitated by some of our leaders. “

-        Senior HR executive, one of the world’s top three hotel chains

”Anil, terrific job with your presentation! Here are some of the illustrative comments: Insightful…Very thought provoking…Open, candid perspective on the subject…Excellent.  A mind shift. Insightful & provocative. Helped us see around corners…One of the best opening speakers…A great global perspective, well prepared and very thought provoking…Very thought provoking discussion…True global view – not common @ our company…Fascinating!  Very interesting analysis. I want more like this….Stimulating…Very interesting & provocative…Very appropriate & timely…One of our best presentations in years…Outstanding – challenging…A real eye opener for the challenges that lie ahead…Leading edge thinking – very thought provoking…Excellent speaker with great clarity. “  

-   Chief Learning Officer,
one of the world’s largest engineering and construction services companies

”Anil, your session was very well received.  The knowledge you conveyed in a short period of time was impressive. You made some very impactful observations about a US/European company pursuing the Indian market with current global products and services e.g. a solution in search of a problem without understanding the markets in India.  This lead to a very stimulating discussion after you left. Thanks for leading a stimulating session. “

-        Executive Coach and Senior Consultant to CEO,
one of the world’s largest manufacturers of analytical instruments

“On behalf of the whole TEDxRotterdam organization, I would like to thank you for your performance at TEDxRotterdam. We have received many reactions from students and CEOs who were inspired by your talk. You impressed us with your very clear explanation of your point of view on Future Leadership. Thanks to you, TEDxRotterdam inspired students and CEOs to see Future Leadership from a new perspective.“

-        On behalf of the TEDxRotterdam team, Rosanne Koning, TEDxRotterdam 2011

“Haiyan, you delivered an outstanding presentation that provided the audience with a fresh and deep insight into the Chinese economy and the key factors that Latin-American companies must consider to succeed there. Our audience (more than 2000 at the conference) rated you as the 2nd best keynote speaker.“

-        Andres Franco, Executive Director, CLG, Sept. 2009

“Haiyan, your presentation at yesterday's session of the summit was just fantastic.  Several persons chatted with me immediately following the closing ceremony and indicated that you were certainly one of the bright stars of the summit.  This would explain why so many persons purchased copies of your book (smile).  Good stuff! I was honored to have been the Chairman of yesterday's session and to have been given the pleasure of introducing you…You have left such a powerful impression on all of us. I will consider it a great honor to meet you again. We continue to be impressed by the content and style of your presentation.”

- Chairperson,
Caribbean International Leadership Summit, November 2008

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