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Four Stories Rolled Into One
Think China and India, Not China or India
Megamarkets and Microcustomers
Leveraging China and India for Global Advantage
Competing with Dragons and Tigers on the Global Stage
The War for Talent: Dealing with Scarcity in the Midst of Plenty
Global Enterprise 2020


   Being present in China and India is not the same thing as getting China and India right. Most CEOs and their senior colleagues are well aware that the world’s economic center of gravity is shifting from the developed to the emerging economies, in particular China and India. Yet, very few truly grasp the magnitude and pace of change and the multi-faceted nature of the new reality.
    Fewer still have figured out what these developments mean for the future architecture of their company. Common mistakes include: viewing China and India solely from the lens of off-shoring and cost reduction, building marketing strategies that are centered around just the rich cities and the top 5-10 percent of the population, underestimating the ambitions and capabilities of emerging competitors, and treating these two countries as peripheral rather than core to the company’s global strategy. 
    The goal of this book is to provide business leaders with a strategic roadmap for capturing the growth, efficiency, talent, and innovation opportunities offered by China and India. The authors discuss how a company can leverage its global capabilities to discover, create, and win the opportunities in these mega-markets with micro-customers. They examine how a company can leverage the cost, talent, and innovation opportunities from within these two countries to transform itself globally. They look at the factors that will determine who will win the forthcoming competitive battles between established multinationals and the emerging dragons and tigers. And, looking ahead, they outline the most likely features of the winning global enterprise of 2020.




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“Solid research…compelling and provocative…required reading for any CEO.”

- Ronnie C. Chan,
Hang Lung Group and Vice-Chairman, Asia Society

"Well researched…crisp…an insightful guide to…succeed in the new era."

- Wim Elfrink,
EVP-Cisco Services and Chief Globalization Officer,
Cisco Systems

“Timely, comprehensive, insightful, and richly documented… a superb guide...”

- Edwin D. Fuller,
President and Managing Director,
Marriott Lodging-International

"No global CEO can afford not to read this timely and insightful book... Compelling... and valuable..." 

- Jeffrey E. Garten,
Juan Trippe Professor,
Yale School of Management

"Incisive and well researched... in-depth analysis... richly supported..." 

- Narayana N.R. Murthy,
Chairman & Chief Mentor,Infosys Technologies

"The best source of insight available for executives... A real tour de force."

- Graham Mackay,
chief Executive Officer, SABMiller plc

Insightful, compelling, forward-looking, and practical…one of the most important books…”

- Harsh Manglink,
 Chairman, Accenture India

"The best book by far... thoroughly researched, insightful, and compelling."

- Mark J. Penn,
CEO,  Burson Marsteller,author of Microtrends,

and advisor to Bill Clinton,
Tony Blair, and Bill Gates

"A blueprint on how to... best approach the two economies for the long term."

- Ratan N. Tata,
 Chairman, Tata Group

“Forceful…practical advice…illuminating anecdotes and evidence…compelling read…"

- Ravi Venkatesan,
Chairman, Microsoft Ind

"Outstanding... highly readable, full of facts and analysis, and inspirational."

- William V. Hickey,
CEO,Sealed Air Corporation

"Very timely... extremely well researched... highly readable and very practical."

 - Kyung H. Yoon,
Vice-Chairman, Heidrick & Struggles

"Forceful... practical advice... illuminating anecdotes and evidence... compelling read... "

- Ravi Venkatesan,
 Chairman, Microsoft India

"Insightful... Rich with strategic advice as well as concrete examples... a must reading for CEOs."

- Edgar Hotard,
 Chairman, Monitor Group China


"Very helpful... insights must reading for any multinational firm CEO."

- Ming Zeng,
Alibaba Group, and author of Dragons at Your Door


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